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Woman Leaves Her Kids In The Car

9:39 minutes Woman Leaves Her Kids In The Car

Jason saw a woman leave her kids in the car at CVS. While he was talking about it on the air, she called in. Listen to what she had to say about it...

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This lady is absolutely delusional...You should have let your wife go off on her. That lady came up with every excuse in the book. Thank God you had the decency to stay and watch HER kids.

I am so completely outraged about this woman leaving her children in the car like that. How many damn times does this have to happen? How many children have to *die* or get kidnapped because some idiot thought it would be too much of a hassle to take them in with her, and *keep them safe*?! She kept using the excuse, "Well, you have no idea what it's like to be a mom and have these two kids that you have to get in and out...blah, blah, blah..." What a crock! I'm a mother of a six year old and an 18 month old...almost the same age as this woman's children and I get my kids out of the car and bring them in with me *each and every time*, no matter how much of a pain in the ass it is. In fact, my husband and I even get our kids out of the car if we have to actually go in to pay for gas...even though we can see the car through the window, it just isn't worth taking the chance. This woman is a complete moran...sorry...but it needs to be said. Perhaps these people should be required to take an intelligence test before they should be allowed to breed. The whole thing just makes me sick...especially because these people are always the first one on the news, crying hysterically in front of the news cameras when their child dies or gets kidnapped. I feel sorry for her children, I really do...and frankly, I think they should be taken away from her if this situation can be used as a model for the rest of her parenting decisions. The terrible thing...even after being called out on it, she still doesn't admit that what she did was wrong...and will likely do it again.

So many bad things couldhave happened to that woma'ns children in the 5-10 minutes she was in the store. Another vehicle could have crashed into her parked care, a sick horrible person could have hurt those children in a split second. Those things are much worse than a 3 year old throwing a fit in a store. Since when do you ask a 3 and 6 year old if they will be ok if left unattended? I can't believe she had the nerve to try to defend her lazy, selfish actions.

I can't believe this woman did this and thinks its ok, I can't even leave my kid in the car to go in a pay for gas if the terminal outside is not working I will get my child out of the car to go in and pay for gas. Windows down or not its still hot outside. She is an idiot.

I completely agree with you about the fool that calls herself a mother. She could easily lose her children for that kind of behavior. --- But I have my own story to tell, one that can be a lesson..... Over 10 yrs ago (on a cool morning btw), I left my kids in the car directly in front of a small market door. I stood in the doorway and asked the checker a question (scouting for a particular item). I was in the doorway for perhaps 20 seconds. As I was talking, an (obviously) undercover cop drove up. I went back to get in the car, and one of the cops proceeded to ream me a new one. It was undeserved because I was within 10 steps of the car and never out of sight/reach of my kids. I told the cop he did not have his facts straight and basically told him to mind his own business - I then left. He did not try to stop me, because I am sure he saw that I was near the car as he drove up. I would probably have been arrested me for child endangerment if I he had not been. --- Tell that to the bad mom.

I can't believe this woman left her children in the car! I have four children myself and it can be a total pain to take them all somewhere, but I would rather take them EVERYWHERE then have them stolen or die from being in a hot car. I can't believe she said that she "asked the six year old and she said it was ok". My six year old thinks lots of things are ok, dessert for breakfast, flip-flops in the winter but it doesn't mean I'm going to let her do it! There are so many things wrong with this woman's thinking and she knew that really there was no way to justify what she did, that's why she just hung up. Hopefully she'll think a little more next time she needs to go somewhere.

This woman is crazy! As a mother of 3 I know what I'm talking about. Yes it can be a huge pain to bring your kids anywhere! But no one said parenting was easy or convienent! Do u think it was easy taking my twin babies and toddler shopping?! No! But I would never put my children in harms way! Could this woman live with herself if something happened while she was in the store? She is selfish, lazy and irresponsible! If she can't handle the stresses of raising children, why did she choose to have 2??

I am a single 27yo but I live with my friend who has 2-9 kids at the house at any given time. I have heard so many different stories just living in this house. When I have my own child(ren) someday, they WILL have 'the leash'; and it does not have to be the monkey, just a leash. And they WILL be at my side when they are accompanying me places.
Also, Ive lived many places thanks to the military, and even THEY hold the babysitter line at LEAST 11 depending on region. And its been awhile and we are all safety crazy, you probably HAVE to have a CPR card too.
So Caitlin, like Gavin said, id skip CVS and goto CPS and just get it over with. You ARE unfit if you cannot even admit you made a mistake.
Bless those children...

I remember one time I went into a fast food restaurant and saw a mother ordering food. There was an 8 year old in the car with windows up. It was like around 90's degree. The child was sweating the mom was sitting inside with air conditioning and reading a book. What the heck are they thinking that's just disgusting!!!!

From the DMV:
It is illegal to leave a child six years of age or younger unattended in a motor vehicle. Be aware if:

•Weather conditions or other conditions present a significant risk to the child’s health or safety.
Example: Leaving a child in a closed vehicle on a very hot day.
•The vehicle’s engine is running, keys are in the ignition, or both. Children may start or move the vehicle causing injuries and/or deaths to themselves or others.
EXCEPTION: The child may be left under the supervision of a person 12 years of age or older.

The court may fine violators and require the person to attend a community education program. Also, the DMV and court penalties for leaving an unattended child in a vehicle are more severe if the child is injured, requires emergency medical services, or dies.

So the lady was mistaken as far as leaving her 6 year old alone in the car, they have another year to go... The younger child should automatically have been taken into the store according to the law. But once that older kid hits 7, it is not against the law for them to opt to stay in the vehicle while their mother runs into the store.

I am all for FREE-RANGE children. I love to read the stories on the website, and realize that I was definitely raised in that manner. If I did not want to go into a store, my mom would leave me in the car. She would leave me and my siblings, with no worries of anyone complaining. Most other parents were happy there were less children throwing temper tantrums in the store... (not that we ever did that, we knew better because we would be in for it when we got home if that happened).

I think that most people take this issue too far, for example: When I have my own child(ren) someday, they WILL have 'the leash'; and it does not have to be the monkey, just a leash. And they WILL be at my side when they are accompanying me places.

Your kids will be on a leash???? Will they ever learn to just grow up? Sounds like they will have lots of issues. Take a moment to read the Free-Range website, and see how happy some of those kids are, and how grown up and mature they are. I have a step-daughter, and I give her the Free-Range treatment as much as I can, being that I only see her on weekends. I encourage her to learn to go ask adults for help at the store, that in certain times talking to "strangers" is good. That if I am not by her side, she can count on someone in "uniform". I give her a certain amount of freedom while sitting back and watching. I am always right there, but she is learning to do more on her own. And guess what, I did that with teaching her how to ride a bike, and she learned faster by me "letting go" then when her father held on each and every time. She learns that she can ask an employee where something is, and how to quickly form the question, so they can get back to work. She orders her own food at restaurants, so she can learn this on her own, instead of just observing all the time. I get that some of my ideas are super simplistic on the Free-Range end, but I am not her mother (and her mother is a super "Hover" mom half the time...)

Sorry for the long run on.... I don't see a super big issue with the child in the car, it sounds as though the older one is learning a lot about responsibility, and I have to commend the mother on that. At least her child will know how to take care of themselves. Hopefully it extends into other things (I would hate to see that this kids goes off to school not knowing how to cook, clean and so on...) Kids learning responsibility and how to care for themselves and others is great!

On a side note, I was watching a home video of myself when I was 4. My mom was behind the video camera, and I was in the pool, with my older brother (8), and two younger brothers (2.5 and 1). I would pick up my youngest brother and carry him in the pool with me. Do you think my mother freaked out? NO! Do you think she said, "be careful with him"? NO! My mom taught us how to care for one another at a VERY young age. Yeah, she was 10 feet away (maybe more...) but most "Hover/Helicoptor" parents would flip being that far away, and having a 4 year old go in the water with a 1 year old. I am glad my mother raised me the way she did... And let me have some freedoms. I think that most parents are way too paranoid these days and don't let their kids be kids. Come on, let your kids have a sense of accomplishment, they sat in the car for 5 min and behaved!!! Wow...

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