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War of the Roses - Stephanie

6:42 minutes War of the Roses - Stephanie

Listen to this week's War of the Roses and find out why Stephanie thinks her boyfriends Iphone may be a sign that he is cheating...

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I TOTALLY understand the girl. I keep my phone with me all the time to (yes, even in the bathroom), but I had an experience with my live in boyfriend too (now my ex). EVERYTIME he came home from work, his inbox was deleted. A few times when he was sleeping I checked his phone and one time I saw a text from a girl who had a history of offering my bf sexual favors after me and him started dating (and already told him to stop talking to).
ADVICE TO MEN: If your not doing anything wrong, then when your girlfriend asks to see your phone- GIVE IT TO HER. BELIEVE ME, if you just give it to her when she asks, then soon she wont ask anymore (she'll trust you!). same goes for if youre going somewhere (doesnt matter if she cares to know or not), tell her where youre going and whose gonna be there- and then she'll not only trust you, but RESPECT and ADMIRE you. Im not talking about when you first start dating a girl, but when you become serious. girls should do the same, I think. you dont have to say EVERYTIME, but once in a while is good. after a while, she wont wonder anymore. If youre already in a relationship were you love the girl, but shes controling- then the same applies. she'll start to trust you- after awhile she'll even trust you hanging out with other girls (if she is that untrustworthy).
WARNING: If your girlfriend ever asks you for your phone, or for you to login to your myspace,etc DO NOT ask her why or try to show resistince. if youre not doing anything wrong, then dont worry about it. the more understanding you are, the faster she (or he) will be 'cured'.
Confusing situation- example: If you told your gf that you were goin out with 'the guys', but when you get there theyre girls in your group, then LET HER KNOW. If youre like "Im not gonna tell her cuz Im not gonna do anything wrong, and theres no reason to make her upset" (or something like that) then: IF YOU FEEL LIKE YOU NEED TO HIDE SOMETHING, THEN IT *IS* WRONG. tell her, cuz if she finds out you lied.... youre in DEEP sh*t. and chances are, she WILL find out

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