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War of the Roses - Ellie

5:59 minutes War of the Roses - Ellie

Listen to this week's War of the Roses and hear one of the craziest ending ever!

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the chick is stupid. Ug she need to give that fong guy a nother chance ugggg listin to him. maybe he moved out because she doesn't SHUT UP! and she doesnt let him talk and maybe that girl was his friend from kids. uggg and she needs to watch her mouth. um one word for that grrr

This war of the roses is funny as heck. Obviously, he wants to be with her for the sex and still wants girls on the side. She's stuck on him because of the sex... sex equals problems!! She just needs to break up with him. She will look back later on and realize what an idiot she's been for staying with him. Hello! He moved out is a big sign he's not into her. BUT, I bet if you guys followed up on them, they're probably back together already. Haha!

LMFAO...OMFG...this is by far the funniest War of the Roses I've heard!!! I never post but had to for this one. I'm sure they didn't break up yet. This guy is something else...lol...he want's to have fun but doesn't want to leave her. He's going to be this way. But if he continues, and she continues to stay, he's going to run into one that will sweep him off his feet and then poor Ellie is going to be heartbroken if she doesn't end it now.

aaawwwwwww i misss kelllyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i saw her husband at the mcdonalds in colfax lol i was talking about this with my friends adn he confonted us lol it was funny!!!!

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