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War of the Roses – Emily

5:35 minutes War of the Roses – Emily

Listen to this week’s War of the Roses and find out Emily’s fiance is working longer hours…

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that's pretty messed up that he sleeps with both sisters and that Sara is okay with that.

wow what a jerk how can her own sister do that what a home wreker

I think she did the right thing finding out sooner than later apparently he told her what she wanted to here just to get to her sister what a pig. It sucks that her sister and fiance betrayed her by sleeping together for a whole year and not having the balls to tell her at the time. The problem is that she will never be able to trust another man for awhile. If she sees this I hope she gets through this.

i hope she beat her sisters ass.....his too....

When I first heard this on the radio, and I'm like omg. What the hell. But then I am more pissed with the father, who blamed the radio show. I'm like it's your daughter, sean's the one who slept with the sister. If he should blame someone, he should blame the sister and her fiance.

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