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Wake Up Call Confessions

7:47 minutes Wake Up Call Confessions

Listen to last week's Wake Up Call Confession and find out why this woman is living a double-life...If you want to participate in Wake Up Call Confessions text CONFESS to 73389 and follow the instructions.

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I was very encouraged to see this women "getting real" about the issues in her life. I am also a believer who has faith in God. To everyone, of faith, I would hope we would lift her up and encourage her to seek the best decision possible for her life. I am extremely impressed that she was so bold, and want to convey as someone who understands the "hypocritical" responses the church can give. When I say this, I mean people will say mean things and judge people for their decisions, especially in the church. I, myself have struggled with issues looked down upon at church. I however, believe that God's plan works out the best for me. Please go get support, don't be alone and don't carry a weight by yourself. Follow your morals and the things that are precious to you. I hope that the end 107.9, the public, church, and society will lift up those who seek support, regardless of their decisions. Seasons greetings, and a happy new year

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