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Wake Up Call Confession - Married a Meth Head

6:48 minutes Wake Up Call Confession - Married a Meth Head

Listen to this weeks Wake Up Call Confession to find out what this guy won't tell his mother about his new wife!

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I totally agree that this girl may be trying to amends for the wrongful ways of her childhood upbringing. My parents divorced when I was still an infant, and it may have contributed to my marriage failing. Furthermore, the person I married is adopted and I always felt like I needed to help him and coddle him; however I never pushed him to reconnect with his birth parents.
My advice for this girl's dilemma is to re-evaluate her love for her husband and if it's true then she shouldn't let what her family or others say influence her true feelings; especially if them stem from and honest place in her heart and soul. Be at peace with yourself and you have will have peace in your life.

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