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5:17 minutes Disappointed by the Ring

Does this lady have the right to be disappointed by the engagement ring her fiance gave her...

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4:09 minutes Getting Your Stuff Back from Ex

How long is too long to wait before you can get your stuff back from your ex...

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5:04 minutes Homecoming Etiquette

Should you only dance with your date at your school's homecoming?

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4:13 minutes Step Sibling Romance

The Wake Up Call got a message from a woman who has fallen in love with her step-brother...

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4:50 minutes Should I Support the Wedding

Would you support the wedding of a couple whose relationship was illegal when it began...

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5:08 minutes Strippers at Bachelor Parties

The Wake Up Call recieved an email from a woman who is pissed that there will be strippers at her fiance's bachelor party...

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5:55 minutes Is It Cheating If...

The Wake Up Call talk about if it is cheating if your partner is unable to have sex...

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3:53 minutes Not Ready to Get Married

The Wake Up Call recieved an email from a recent college grad who fears her boyfriend is going to propose...

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3:41 minutes Girlfriend Not Happy With Lingerie

The Wake Up Call recieved a letter from a guy whose girlfriend is upset with him because he bought her lingerie...

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