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Reindeer Names

0:47 minutes Reindeer Names

Jason asked Katie if she was able to name all of Santa’s Reindeer.

Katie said “yeah” and proceeded to name them off “Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, DONDER, and Blitzen.”

Jason and Gavin then tried to correct Katie by telling her it wasn’t “DONDER” but it was “DONNER.” She, naturally, said they were wrong.

A bunch of listeners called up and told us who was right (listen above).

What do you think? DONDER or DONNER?

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here is a wikipedia article: "In An American Anthology, 1787–1900, Edmund Clarence Stedman reprints the 1844 Clement Clarke Moore version of the poem, including the German spelling of "Donder and Blitzen," rather than the original 1823 version using the Dutch spelling, "Dunder and Blixem." Both phrases translate as "Thunder and Lightning" in English, though German for thunder is now spelled Donner, and the Dutch words would nowadays be spelled Donder and Bliksem."

At first the name was Dunder which was then changed to Donder then that was changed to Donner so basically it could be either one.

Just reading my son "The Night Before Christmas" and in the book it's "Donder". I remembered the on air conversation and thought for sure Katie was incorrect but she knew what she was talking about.

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