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Mel Gibson Mad Libs Round 3

2:37 minutes Mel Gibson Mad Libs Round 3

Listen to The Wake Up Call's third round of Mel Gibson mad libs...

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She knows just how to set him off by pushing just the right buttons. I have been in situations where the woman felt she could do what ever she pleased because todays society makes it possible and the guy looks to blame. The testosterone factor and mental/emotional abuse do not sleep well together. He is expressing his anger which is actually the result of mental and emotional manipulation and abuse while she is teflon and just stands back, watches the drama unfold as he takes all the blame. He is from a different generation and men took charge ready or not. They need counselling and boundaries and to actually care enough about one another to break this toxic cycle. Don't exploit your partners frustration to make yourself feel better. It is abuse. If he has to pop a pill every time the wife and the children come around there is a problem. A little consideration goes a long way. In his own home, where is he supposed to escape. A caged animal makes for a bad companion. He is a person too. Treat him like one that has emotions and feelings and I guarantee you that bit of respect will go a long long way.

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