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3:23 minutes Going Commando

What do you do secretly that makes you feel sexy?

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1:44 minutes Gavin's News of the Weird - March 31, 2010

New research show that cigarettes used to have pig blood in them. Scientists have found the "moral compass." Students in Germany will be living like Gladiators for an entire year.

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5:24 minutes What Movie Should They Remake?

With Clash of the Titans coming out in theaters this week, we started talking about all the different movies they should remake.

What movie do you think they should remake>

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7:09 minutes War of the Roses - Reebs

Listen to this week’s War of the Roses and find out why Justin’s ex was leaving notes on Reeb’s door…

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2:00 minutes Gavin's News of the Weird - March 20, 2010

A man is giving his kidney to his local grocery stores bag girl. Politicians are getting their own iPhone apps. A gay high school student is creating a stir in a Georgia town.

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1:34 minutes Gavin's News of the Weird - March 23, 2010

The family of a Jersey Shore mayor were arrested for disorderly conduct. 18 year-old pooped in a cab because he thought it was his girlfriend's car. Barbara Bush went to the hospital over the weekend.

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5:50 minutes Confession - Marriage Counselor

Listen to this week's Wake Up Call Confession and find out why this lady thinks that she is the best marriage counselor in town (HINT: she isn't a licensed marriage counselor)...

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7:54 minutes Pefect Mother

Have you ever had a moment as a mother when you felt that you would never be a perfect...

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2:00 minutes Gavin's News of the Weird - March 26, 2010

88 year-old former Nazi received a life sentence. Teenage girl is suing Disney for the way she was portrayed on “Wife Swap.” Talk show host challenged a guru to kill him on TV.

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1:39 minutes Gavin's News of the Weird - March 25, 2010

Police in Georgia are looking for a French immigrant accused of molestation. Utah will close liquor stores earlier. 18 year-old kid gets to take Maxim model to the prom.

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8:08 minutes Tooth Fairy Needs Help

We received an email from a listener whose child left a tooth out for the Tooth Fairy only to wake up the next morning and see that the Tooth Fairy "skipped her house."

Her child was very upset about this and the mother was wondering what she should tell her to give the Tooth Fairy an excuse.

Listen to the advise our listeners gave...

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9:07 minutes Gavin's Honeymoon Itinerary

Gavin is going to Disney World after his wedding in July and has planned out every ridiculous detail of his honeymoon.

Listen to Jason and Kelly run through the details of his itinerary.

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1:54 minutes Gavin's News of the Weird - March 24, 2010

Dove runs TV commercials featuring plus sized models. Vice President Joe Biden introduced President Obama with a swear word.

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7:37 minutes War of the Roses - Julie

Listen and find out why Marc became the first man to cry on War of the Roses...

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1:20 minutes Gavin's News of the Weird - March 23, 2010

Parents arrested after leaving their toddler at a restaurant. A high school
janitor is suspected of trying to poison students. Florida is trying to help the
environment by lowering the state’s speed limit.

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8:37 minutes Gavin's News Call - Health Care Debate

After Gavin did a special "Take On The News" for the passing Health Care Reform we received a phone call off-air from Marie.

Listen to what she had to say here...

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2:03 minutes Gavin's News of the Weird - March 22, 2010

The Health Care Reform bill passes.

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4:10 minutes Confession - Twin Sister Driving Test

Listen to this week's Confession and see how these sisters may be wreaking havoc on California streets...

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1:28 minutes Gavin's News of the Weird - March 19, 2010

Math mistakes result in Vermont schools poor math scores. Teen murdered in NY library. University of Texas says students can’t stay longer than 10 semesters.

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12:41 minutes Rob Schneider Interview Part 2

Listen to part 2 of the Wake Up Call's full interview with actor/comedian Rob Schneider...

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