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1:41 minutes Gavin's News of the Weird - February 19, 2010

You can sleep with Robert Pattinson for $45. Fat birds mate with male birds more often than thin birds. Bristol Palin is attacking Levi Johnston for not paying child support.

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7:59 minutes What Did You About A Loved One After They Died?

Did you ever learn anything crazy about a loved one after they died that you had no idea about while they were alive?

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1:27 minutes Gavin's News of the Weird - February 18, 2010

A plane crashed into the Jersey Shore. Police arrested a suspect wanted for stealing shampoo. Self-proclaimed vampire and Minnesota politician was arrested yesterday.

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6:48 minutes War of the Roses - Erin

Listen to this week's War of the Roses and see why Erin thinks her boyfriend is cheating...

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5:30 minutes One Hit Wonder?

Listen to people who are trying to help the Wake Up Call figure out what a One Hit Wonder is.

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3:22 minutes Last Crash

What was the last thing that crashed at your house?

The last thing that crashed at Gavin's was pill bottles being tossed off the counter by the cats. A breast pump crashed at Kelly's house. And Jason's 50 lb. shower door crashed at his house (for a picture click here http://kdnd.radiotown.com/wakeupcall/ShowerDoorCrashed.jpg)

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3:57 minutes What Would Teacher Say About Their Students

We talked about the ruling allowing students to say whatever they want about their teachers on Facebook under the umbrella of free speech (for more on that click here http://snipurl.com/ueblh).

We thought since students are allowed to say whatever they want about teachers that we would allow teachers to say whatever they want about students.

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1:31 minutes Gavin's News of the Weird - February 17, 2010

A 9’ long python went missing from a petting zoo. A small county in Texas is close to passing another “living in sin” law. Sarah Palin comments on being offended by “Family Guy”.

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2:01 minutes Gavin's News of the Weird - February 16, 2010

83 year-old husband and his 74 year-old wife met online. Waffle House restaurants celebrated Valentine's Day. Atlanta's public transportation system has offended some in the community.

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4:25 minutes Wake Up Call Confession - Parent / Teacher Conferences

Listen to this Confession to find out how this teacher used to try and meet women...

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1:23 minutes Gavin's News of the Weird - February 12, 2010

Teen boy in Oakland was arrested for shooting an ice cream truck driver. New polls show 71% believe Sarah Palin isn't qualified to be President. The majority of people would rather spend V-Day with their pets.

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1:53 minutes Gavin's News of the Weird - February 11, 2010

46% of all teen girls are on dangerous diets. Obese men are the least likely to die in a car accident. An arctic sea lion was discovered of the coast of New Jersey.

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9:34 minutes Coach from Survivor

Here is the Wake Up Call's full interview with Survivor's Coach Ben Wade...

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7:12 minutes Russell from Survivor

Here is the full interview with Survivor's Russell...

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10:39 minutes Kelly Got Denied From A Mothers Group

While she was away on maternity leave, Kelly applied for a mothers group in her neighborhood and WAS DENIED!

We talked to the woman responsible for turning down Kelly's application and asked her why. Her answer may shock and upset you...

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8:56 minutes Confronting Homophobic Parents

We got a phone call from a listener, Dave, and he was concerned because his dad seemed to get upset about watching American Idol now that Ellen was a judge. Dave thinks it is because Ellen is openly gay.

Dave was obviously upset about this and wanted some advice on how to approach his dad about this problem.

We had a bunch of people call and try and give Dave some advice.

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1:52 minutes Gavin's News of the Weird - February 10, 2010

A tractor trailer turned over in rural Florida. Scientist from Lawrence Berkely say third hand smoke is deadly. Former Republican Tom Tancredo proclaimed we should go back to Jim Crow laws.

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6:43 minutes War of the Roses - Kristen

Listen to this week's War of the Roses and find out why Kristen thinks Patrick may be cheating...

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1:53 minutes Gavin's News of the Weird - February 9, 2010

The classic New York accent may be endangered. Obesity is causing kids to enter puberty sooner. Sarah Palin spoke at the Tea Party Convention last weekend.

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2:16 minutes Super Bowl Challenge

For all the women out there who don't like football but are dragged to watch the Super Bowl every year with their man, we came up with a challenge.

During the game, we challenged a few women to try and lure their man away from the game to "do the deed."

Gavin didn't think it was possible. Jason thought that with the right approach, it could be done.

Find out how it went for one of our listeners...

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