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Dad Reacts to War of the Roses

9:18 minutes Dad Reacts to War of the Roses

The dad of the girls involved in this week’s War of the Roses called to tell us how he feels about the situation…

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you guys didn't cause any pain the sister is clearly a whore who doesn't care about her sister at all and the guy is a scumbag. the dad needs to take responsibility for the fact that his daughter ruined everything not you guys if you wouldn't have done the war of the roses she would have never found out and would have been hurt even more than she is. the dad seems to be ashamed of the fact that his daughter is a skank and it's her fault not your guys's

That is so ridiculous that he blames you guys for that. Obviously he didnt instill good enough values into one of his daughters like who does that! love the show...

I strongly agree with you guys about the girlfriend coming for help. From a child development view, parents are a big part of their children's life. Therefore, I believe it is partically the way the parents raised their children in society. The father should be thankful that his family have found this out now and not later after the marriage. The news between the boyfriend and sister would have been worst if there were a marriage with children involved already. However, its great that it have been exposed before marriage.

I agree. the father should have no way blamed you. You didnt call her and ask her to do it, she came to you. That and it is better that she found out earlier. If this had been another few months when they were closer to the wedding there would have been a lot more things to solve. And the sister wasnt a very good sister to do that, and not tell her about it. Break it off immediately. The dad has no right to say any of this is your fault.

I can't believe he thinks that you guys are controling these peoples fate or anything. You guys arnt the ones that did damage his daughter Sarah did that. You guys are just helping Emily find out what she wanted to know. Better Emily find out now then later. The dad needs to smarten up and blame the person(s) that is/are responsible the sister and the fiance that were having the affair. You guys arnt at fault in anyway.

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