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Confession - Uses A Baby To Make Money

4:53 minutes Confession - Uses A Baby To Make Money

Listen to this week's Wake Up Call Confession and find out how this guy uses his sister's baby to make money...

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I can't believe that anyone can do that. This had happened to me twice by the same person. This lady had told me her son has an asthma attack and needs money to go to the hospital. I can't believe it. I was only 9 years old when this happened. I broke my piggy bank and give it to the lady. I even fell for it twice. I can't believe.

Wow what a jerk, this guy is a complete scumbag. He makes more in one day then alot of people make in a month. This man needs to go get a real job. He could be taking from people who could use the money that they are giving him. I hope someone in his family catches him and gets him to stop using people like he is. He really really needs to get off his lazy butt and work not take things from people.

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