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Confession - Twilight Extra

4:39 minutes Confession - Twilight Extra

Listen to this week's Wake Up Call Confession and find out why this guy claims to be an extra in the original Twilight...

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I don't know why this mother called up upset that the young man lied about being an extra... Hello, don't sleep aroung until your ready but, she even admitted he was HOT.. Damn ass MILF>

I'm laughing my ass off at this all!!!

It's not about shame on James, it's more shame on Nancy for sleeping with a kid that could well be her son!!!

She says he needs to get some self esteem??? Sounds like she doesn't have anywhere nears half an ounce of self esteem if she has to be preying on young boys! LOL!!!!

BTW, she wouldn't happen to be a high school teacher???


If she had any dignity, she wouldn't have called in to make it known that she was the MILF... how embarrassing for her daughter...

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