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Confession - Racist at Work

4:43 minutes Confession - Racist at Work

Listen to this week’s Wake Up Call Confession and see how you feel about the way this guy acts at work…

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After hearing the reaction of the general public on this, I have been empowered to stand up for myself at work.

Besides other offenses regarding being a female, I've been called "f***ing b****," "f***ing rude," and such...my coworkers called "sand-n*****s," (which includes my child, as his heritage is from the referenced part of the world), and "f***ing" c-word.This, and I am at the management level - and last I checked, we are in the United States.

My HR/CEO meeting is today. I will likely be fired today as part of my stand against this company.

Hearing what everyone has said on the radio in response to this Cust Svs guy has made me realize that if I don't take a strong stand - and if I'm not willing to fight to the end on this - it will be allowed to persist and someone who doesn't have the strength to stand up will be crushed by it.

So, here I go...to the lions...likely jobless and on the road to penniless tomorrow (very frightening - I have a child), but with my head held high.

Thanks for airing this. Such things do change lives.

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