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Confession - Christmas Gift Revenge

5:40 minutes Confession - Christmas Gift Revenge

Listen to this week's Wake Up Call Confession and find out how this woman plans on getting back at her ex-husband this Christmas...

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I can't believe this woman. I'm a divorced single mom of three. They are so amazing. My marriage was a very bad situation for me and the kids. When I filed his family declared war and after 2 1/2yrs they're still messing with me and the kids especially. Because of their behavior all they do is buy buy buy for them to try to show me up. My children can clearly see what's going on but I always talk nicely about their dad and his family. I tell them it;s ok to love us both and that we need to be kind and loving even if they're not. My kids know I love them everyday because I kiss and hug them, read and sing to them, make awesome forts and camp out with them. We say I love you a million times a day. I take them out to buy presents for their dad and his parents. We also do random acts of kindness for others so they can experience the true meaning of Christmas and feel how good it is to help others. I don't have alot of money and I try to get them things that are special and that they'll love but they know it's not all about the presents, it's about being together as a loving family and having a blast. I feel sorry for that lady. When you hate that much your kids hear it, feel it and see it, and one day will probably not want alot to do with her. I pray they don't turn out like her. When you hate it's like poison and she'll always be a negative unhappy person and will end up alone and bitter. It's really to bad. There're a million reasons why I can dislike my ex and his family but it takes a bigger person to forgive. I don't have to forget but I can rise above it and live my life happily with my kids.

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