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Calls On Prop 8 Being Overturned

11:14 minutes Calls On Prop 8 Being Overturned

The Wake Up Call talked to people on both sides about the overturning of Prop 8...

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To start I think I should say I am straight. I say that only because I want people to know where I am not arguing my own rights.I figure if you really want to get married then whatever. To people that are gay getting married isnt going to mess up anything. I have people say well then they are going to want to get divorced and then that will making things worse in the court system. People act like gay people switch partners more then straight people I dont think they do. It is a civil issue, if the law can tell us who we can marry then whats the next thing about our personal lives that they are going to say we cant do. For the people who have said that it would make things worse for the court system then no one should be allowed to marry because most straight people dont stay married. People are people why does it matter who they love. They should finally just let them marry quite arguing the topic and all the money that we save from fighting over gay marriage give to the school systems so that out kids can have a better education so that our country will be in better hands then it is going to be in. I could go on for so long on the stupidity of this arguement but I think I have said enough for now.

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